Altoo Systems

Altoo makes Ultra-Density Stationary Long Cycle Life Energy Storage Systems for backup applications. The system voltage s supported are 110V AC, 220V AC, 48V DC, 24VDC and 12V DC, with backup  between 1 to 50 kWHr. Read More

Green Energy

Altoo Systems load-shift the energy demand by running the energy generators at their most efficienct point. When coupled with solar or wind, they turn the intermittent power to a nice base load. When coupled with fossil fuel generators, they make them run at most efficient point and reduce the fuel consumption by as much as 70%.

Save Money

  • The ROI of our systems is less than 2 years in most applications. 
  • Altoo also offers a no-risk lease of its devices to enterprise customers.
  • Save money from DAY 1 without ANY investment !!!